Contemporary Issues

Our 2006 reading list theme was based upon our view that there are cultural issues and social developments underway that we felt required our attention as we looked to the future.

These developments included works that delved into how the African-American community does or does not deal with mental health challenges from Bebe Moore Campbell, the universality of Hip Hop as presented by Craig Watkins, and the complex discussions surrounding the issue of accountability as it pertains to reparations for African-Americans, presented by Raymond Winbush. Other works included Delores Phillips’, “coming of age” first novel, a heralded second novel by Zadie Smith, and one more foray into our 2004-2005 theme, By and About The Black Male, with bell hooks’ exploration of the dehumanization of Black Men.

The titles are presented in the order read.

The Bibliophiles were featured on NJN Public Television’s Another View Bookshelf, hosted by Emmy-nominated and award winning Candace Kelley. The program was aired Tuesday, December 20, 2005 and rebroadcast on Friday, December 23, 2005.