A Brief History of The Bibliophiles


Founded in 1987 and incorporated in 1990, The Bibliophiles was born out of a mutual interest in sharing, promoting, and preserving the literature of the African Diaspora. Toni Morrison’s Beloved was the catalyst that drew the founding members, two commuting colleagues, together who yearned to share the pent-up emotions the book evoked. The group of two very quickly became ten as mutual friends were invited to join the newly organized Bibliophiles to discuss books of historical and literary significance to African-Americans.

Today, The Bibliophiles are 16 women strong who include among their varied activities literary field trips, book signings, Kwanzaa celebrations, and Special Exhibition Docent Program for both The Newark Museum and The Montclair Art Museum.

As we continue our journey into a third decade together we remain excited, invigorated, committed, and loving our books. We continue to meet every other month in each other’s homes engaging in lively discussions, sharing and enjoying excellent meals together.

We provide our reading lists for your consideration as your group considers its reading selections or for your reading enjoyment and edification.

We wish you all good reading.